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Kōiwi/Ngati Awa Ancestor

During excavation of the car park at Whakatāne Hospital a Kōiwi / Ngati Awa Ancestor was uncovered. This was a significant event for Ngati Awa, the Whakatāne community and Whakatāne Hospital employees. Our cultural advisor, Pouroto Ngaropo, in conjunction with our Regional Māori Health Services worked with local iwi to ensure cultural safety was maintained for all involved.  On 19 June at 12.30pm, Pouroto Ngaropo and hospital staff under Regional Māori Health Services laid to rest the skeleton, determined by an archaeologist to be a 500-year-old woman. The Kōiwi/ Ngati Awa ancestor was buried at the Ohuirehe cemetery on the outskirts of Whakatāne. 




Click here to view the Maori TV video of laying the 500 year old skeleton to rest


Last updated: August 29, 2018