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Catch up with the latest progress of the Whakatāne Hospital building redevelopment by visiting the 
Project Waka Blog.


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Panel08 Whakatāne Cultural Wall, Te Ara Tauwhaiti o Tawhaki - "In the now is the pathway of all time", narrated by Pouroto Ngaropro. TheArtist Maree White, the artist explains what inspired her to paint this cultural wall, Te Ara Tauwhaiti-o-Tawhaki - "In the now is the pathway of all time" and the meaning behind it.
Dec2013WalkaroundMovie Project Waka Site Walkaround
December 2013
HistoryPanelUnveiling2013 Whakatāne History
Wall Unveiling
August 2013
Aug2013WalkaroundMovie Project Waka Site Walkaround
August 2013
Mar2013WalkaroundMovie Project Waka
Site Walkaround
March 2013
PourotoMovie Kōiwi/ Ngati Awa Ancestor
Pourota Ngaropo
June 2013
Dec2012WalkaroundMovie Project Waka
Site Walkaround
December 2012


Click onto the video below to follow the progress from the start of the building re-development project:-

Click onto the video below for the future look of Whakatāne Hospital:-

The redevelopment of Whakatāne Hospital was in the pipeline for a number of years. While the campus has seen ongoing enhancements, some of the buildings were structurally deficient and needed significant overhaul to meet New Zealand building standards.

There has been concern within the Eastern BOP communities, and amongst staff, that Whakatāne Hospital may close and local services be reduced or moved out of the area. Project Waka is evidence for the that this is not the case, and as a DHB that we are committed to maintaining quality, local healthcare services for the people of the Eastern BOP.

You can find the project updates on our Project Waka blog located here.


The Name for Project Waka

Project Waka was named through a competition run at Whakatāne Hospital. The winning entry was from the Hospital Coordinator, Julie Chapman, who had the following to say about her reasons for choosing waka.

Teamwork is strongly implied in the concept of a Waka.

The name has a strong 'Whakatāne' flavour. The people of the Eastern Bay take great pride in their identity, uniqueness this name has meaning and a relationship to the area.

The word Waka (plural) includes all iwi descended from all the migratory canoes (and the word waka can also include include ships and planes). As such the name waka includes all our local iwi and residents and the name is also inclusive of all the iwi of the Bay of Plenty, which is fitting because our Hospital facilities are not exclusively for the Eastern Bay, just as Tauranga facilities are widely used by people from Whakatāne and the Eastern Bay.

The name fits well with Treaty principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection.

Partnership will be required to gather and strengthen our crew

Participation will be required to plan, build and 'paddle' the waka

Protection is implied in the concept of a Waka. The Waka protects all on board and carries them forward on their journey.


Last updated: March 21, 2019