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Credentialing Programme

It is the Bay of Plenty District Health Board's (BOPDHB) policy that all senior medical staff will, upon appointment and at regular intervals thereafter, have their clinical responsibilities clearly defined through a credentialing process.

The prime focus of credentialing is patient safety, providing protection for patients by ensuring that the medical staff treating them are practising within the scope of their training and within their level of competency.  It provides a structured, consistent, open and fair approach to the assessment of the training, experience and competency of medical staff with the process focussing on quality improvement rather than discipline.

SERVICE 1st Credentialing 2nd Credentialing 3rd Credentialing 4th Credentialing  DUE
  2001-2005 2006-2010 2011-2015 2016 -  
General Surgery Sep-04 Oct-08 May-14   Due 2019
Emergency Medicine Jun-03 Jul-09 Nov-14   Due 2019
Sexual Health Jul-04 Oct-09 Feb-14   Due 2019
ENT May-02 Mar-09 Nov-14   Due 2019
Anaesthetics Aug-04 Aug-10 Aug-15   Due 2020
General Medicine Feb-03 Mar-10 Apr-15   Due 2020
Plastic Surgery     Oct-15   Due 2020
Mental Health Oct-02 Oct-06 Nov-11 Aug-16 Due 2021
Pathology Aug-02   May-11 Oct-16 Due 2021
O&G Apr-03   Apr-11 Sep-16 Due 2021
SHSOP     Mar-11 Mar-16 Due 2021
Radiology Apr-03   Sep-11 Feb-17 Due 2022
Paediatrics May-03 Dec-06 Feb-12 May-17 Due 2022
Neurology May-02 Sep-07 May-12 Jun-17  Due 2022
Oral Surgery
& Maxillofacial 
Dec-02 Apr-07 Aug-12 Dec-17 Due 2022
Oral Health   Apr-07 Dec-12 Dec-17 Due 2022
Urology   Jun-07 Aug-12 Mar-18  Due 2023
Palliative Care       Feb-18  
Gastroenterology     Nov-12 Apr-18  Due 2023
Orthopaedics Jul-02 Sep-13  Sep-18  Oct-18 Due 2023
Cardiology   Mar-08 Apr-13 Jul-18 Due 2023
Oncology     May-13  Aug-18 Due 2023
Public Health Jun-02 Sep-08 Oct-13  Mar-19 Due 2024
Ophthalmology Jul-02 Apr-08 Sep-13  Feb-19 Due 2024



Last updated: October 25, 2019