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The History of the Logo


The early design developments of the logo

Current BOPDHB logo

Hauora a Toi translates to mean the sacred breath of life that begins from the Creator and transcends to all facets of the universe.


means the breath of life
u means the life force instilled within the human element
o is the nourishment and susenance received from the Creator, from the ancestors, which connects us to the land and to the people
ra is the energy and well being of all things
Toi is the ancestor who established the boundaries within the Bay of Plenty region. Toi also translates to mean people - holistic dimensions of health

The Māori name was proposed by Pouroto Ngaropo and agreed to at a District Health Board steering group meeting.  The concept for the logo was conceived by artist Edward Hunia, who had previously created a mural for Ko Matariki, the maternity unit at Whakatāne Hospital.

Last updated: March 21, 2019