National Volunteers Week 2018

Face of the Day - Day 5




When Rebecca Mangan saw how much her friend enjoyed working in his office job, she decided she wanted to do something similar. She already has a number of volunteering roles in the community and is well-regarded by her work colleagues in these roles.     

When Don Sorrenson, the manager of Support Net was asked if there might be a role for Rebecca within Support Net, he immediately saw the value in having her as part of the team.

Rebecca now comes to work, one afternoon a week and has a list of tasks that are her responsibility. These include watering the plants, putting out recycling, filling the photocopier, tidying the kitchen, doing staff dishes and putting address labels on envelopes and forms. She particularly enjoys interacting with the staff, as she collects cups from the desks to wash and return.

The staff at Support Net has come to look forward to the afternoon she is with them, and really enjoy having her as part of their team.

Last updated: August 29, 2018