National Volunteers Week 2018

Face of the Day - Day 3


2018-FOTD-3 Robbie

Robbie Ahlfeld moved back home to Tauranga from Australia two years ago after owning a retirement village in Hervey Bay, Brisbane for some time. Her daughter encouraged her to begin volunteering as a way to meet people and rebuild her life in Tauranga.

Patient Entertainment Trolley Volunteer Robbie joined the team in January 2017 and is now an integral part of the service we provide to our patients.

The patient entertainment trolley visits the wards several days a week providing magazines, books, playing cards, adult mindfulness colouring in books, and other items to help keep people occupied during their long days.

As Robbie does her rounds she spends time chatting with the patients about their interests so she can offer something they will enjoy. The welcome they give her makes her feel absolutely appreciated because they are genuinely interested in the trolley service and how it works. Many are surprised that all the items are free and they can take them home, especially the books. There is nothing worse than starting a book and not being able to finish it.

Robbie has spent plenty of time with the elderly patients and has been fascinated by the stories that ladies who lived through the wartime have shared with her. Their life experiences are overwhelming and we can learn so much from them. The elderly are great teachers, she says. Robbie would encourage others to volunteer because you can so easily make someone happier with a little chat and a smile.


Last updated: August 29, 2018