National Volunteers Week 2018

Face of the Day - Day 2



Matt & Rosco

Matt Ward has been a part of the Pet Therapy Team for 18 months, having decided he wanted to contribute to the community outside of his employment as a local policeman. The 41 year-old, and his German Shepherd dog Rosco, spend an hour a week in the Orthopaedic Ward and he is also an active volunteer for Search and Rescue, as well as being a volunteer dog trainer.

Their time on the ward is spent meeting and chatting to patients who want to have time with them. People are interested in how Rosco has been developed from a nine month-old rescued frightened pup to the confident, devoted, and super well-trained animal he is now.

Matt knows his contribution to the hospital is appreciated by the emotional and verbal reaction from the patients and staff. People think it is a big thing for him to give his time and thank him for doing so, which is humbling for him.

Matt's best experiences have been seeing grown men shed tears of happiness and releasing pent up emotions from being in a weakened state, which they're not used to.

Rosco loves coming in and gets excited when Matt puts his red scarf on him ready to go to work. Matt gets a lot out of volunteering at the hospital and says it is such a cool experience.

Last updated: August 29, 2018