National Volunteers Week 2018

Face of the Day - Day 1




Paul Sutherland has been a volunteer in the Health and Aging Ward for five years after deciding he wanted to help support the elderly ill patients in some way. At 73 years old he is a tourist operator taking them to different tourist destinations of interest around the Bay of Plenty.

He comes to the hospital from the Mount each Wednesday to spend four hours in the ward interacting with the patients and helping the nurses as required. His routine includes encouraging the patients to complete their menu sheets, helping to serve morning teas, tidying the wards, stocking up supplies and generally spending time chatting to, and cheering up, the patients.

Paul knows his presence is appreciated as patients, visitors and staff all express their thanks to him. His best experiences are when he manages to cheer up the lonely and worried patients, leaving them with a smile on their faces. 

Last updated: August 29, 2018