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All sweat members must abide by the following rules and regulations

  1. Opening Hours:  5am - 8pm, every day, including weekends and public holidays.
  2. Access to the SWEAT facility and the use of equipment is only available to registered members
  3. All members must swipe their ID cards at the door access control with every visit.
  4. SWEAT will not take any responsibility for any injury caused to members. Members are responsible for using all equipment safely and in accordance with directions given by SWEAT staff. If any member requires assistance or instruction, a SWEAT staff member should be contacted via the details given on the SWEAT website.
  5. Members are expected to clean down and return all equipment to its appropriate place once they have finished using it.
  6. All members must dress suitably at all times, including appropriate foot wear.
  7. Members should carry and use a towel at all times in the SWEAT facility.
  8. Any damage to equipment or the facility must be reported immediately to the SWEAT Manager.
  9. No children are allowed to be in the SWEAT facility at any time.
  10. The last member to leave the SWEAT facility at any time of day should ensure that lights, fans and the stereo are turned off and all doors are closed and locked securely.
  11. SWEAT will take no responsibility for the loss of any personal items.
  12. Members should behave appropriately in the SWEAT facility at all times and give consideration to other members using the facility.
  13. Two weeks' notice must be given for any membership cancellation.
  14. Any decision made by the SWEAT committee and management is final.
  15. Rules are subject to change at any time.
Last updated: August 29, 2018