Nursing, midwives and healthcare assistants strike


Update 12 July 2018

Emergency and essential services are being provided as usual at both Tauranga and Whakatāne hospitals during this 24-hour strike period which began at 7am this morning.

Our aim is to keep everyone safe during this strike - patients and staff alike.

Non essential services at both hospitals have been reduced to a minimum in the lead up to this strike period.

People should not delay seeking medical treatment but should only go to hospital if the matter is urgent, or they should dial 111 for an ambulance.

For all other matters people should do what they normally do and visit their GP or pharmacy, and free medical advice is available 24/7 through Healthline (phone 0800 611 116). 


Services which will remain open will be:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Assessment Planning Unit, APU (Tauranga)
  • Intensive Care Unit/CCU/HDU  (Tauranga), Acute Care Unit (Whakatāne) 
  • Paediatric Wards (Tauranga and Whakatāne)
  • Maternity Units (Tauranga and Whakatāne)
  • Special Care Baby Units (Tauranga and Whakatāne)
  • Emergency (acute) surgery
  • Mental Health and Addiction Inpatients' Wards
  • Public Health Services (Toi Te Ora)
  • Radiology (Tauranga and Whakatāne)

Services which will be reduced: 

  • Renal Dialysis Unit (Tauranga)
  • Clinical Physiology
  • Sexual Health - walk-in clinic with MOSS

Services which will be closed will be:

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Planned gastroscopies and other gastroenterology
  • Planned surgery (including day surgery)
  • Outpatients rehabilitation
  • Cath Lab/Endoscopy
  • Transit Lounge
  • Specialist Nursing Services
  • Public Health Nursing Services (e.g. B4 School, Ear Van, school based vaccination)
  • District Nursing
  • Oncology (Tauranga and Whakatāne)
  • Renal Dialysis Unit (Whakatāne)
  • Medical Day Stay Unit (Tauranga)

If you need care

Please help us keep the Emergency Departments for emergencies. In the event of an emergency please call 111 for an ambulance.

If you require medical attention for a situation that is not life threatening, visit or phone your GP, or talk to your pharmacist. For after-hours medical advice call your GP (your call will be automatically forwarded to a 24/7 health service), or call the free 24/7 Healthline 0800 611 116.

Pharmacies open after hours

Tauranga - John's Photo Pharmacy, on the corner of Cameron Rd & 2nd Ave is open from 8am - 8pm.  Contact 07 578 3566.  

Whakatāne - Adamson's Amcal Pharmacy, in King street Kopeopeo is open from 8:30am - 7pm. Contact 07 308 7611. 

If you were to have surgery or had an outpatient's appointment during this time you will be contacted by us. If you are unsure about your appointment please call 0800 333 477 between 7.30am and 6pm weekdays. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation.


Update - 2 July 2018

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) withdrew their strike notice for Thursday 5 July, on Friday at 4.15pm. A revised offer from the DHB's is being presented by the NZNO to their members today, to vote on whether to accept the offer or not. The outcome of the vote will not be known until Tuesday next week.

A notice of strike action remains in place for the 24 hours from 07:00 Thursday 12 July to 7:00 Friday 13 July. While this notice remains in place we will continue with our contingency planning.

Our priority continues to be keeping everyone safe - patients and staff alike - and that means significant disruption to normal services.
To reduce demand on services and patient numbers as much as possible before the strike, non-acute and elective procedures are being deferred leading up to, and after, the withdrawal of labour. 

Last updated: August 29, 2018