1st May 2018

We may not like Mondays and we may be a bit distracted on Fridays, but in fact the statistics show Bay of Plenty people are more likely to present to hospital with a workplace injury in the middle of the week.  

Of the workplace injuries that required hospitalisation in the past five years in the Midland health region (covering five district health boards - Waikato, Lakes, Tairawhiti, Taranaki and Bay of Plenty) just over half were on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


In the Bay of Plenty alone there have been 670 workplace injuries that required hospitalisation over the past five years; an average of 134 a year. The top causes of injury were machinery, fall, struck, and crushed. Most injuries happened in the industrial setting (311 over 5 years) followed closely by the farm (139 over 5 years).

Males are over-represented in workplace injury statistics, with 86% of those requiring hospitalisation being men and just 14% women.

The statistics are produced by the Midland Trauma System (MTS), a network of specialised, clinical personnel committed to the application of best practice in trauma care.

The MTS collects and manages the regional trauma database, using the information to identify causes, trends, the impact of trauma injuries, and where prevention strategies might focus. The ultimate aim is to ensure best possible outcomes for patients and their families across the Midland health region.

The Midland Trauma System (MTS) has recorded 2912 work place injuries requiring a hospital admission in the last five years in the Midland Health Region at a cost of $23 million. That's nearly 600 events at a cost of $4.7 million per year. The true cost of course to patients in pain, suffering, time off work and financial loss is much greater.

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James Fuller
Communications Advisor
Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Last updated: August 29, 2018