18 December 2018

Your local pharmacy can help this summer

As the holiday season heats up, people are being reminded to pop into their local pharmacy for help on a broad range of medical issues.

The holidays are a time of fun and relaxation but can also be a time when accidents occur. Usual routines can be disrupted so if you have missed or forgotten your medication, or have had a medical mishap, talk to a pharmacist for advice. They will refer you to a local doctor or other health practitioner when needed.

Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals and can offer help and advice in an array of situations said Unichem John's Photo Pharmacy co-owner Rebecca Greaves.

"Community pharmacists can provide a wide range of medicines to treat a variety of conditions," said Rebecca. "These include: sunburn, sprains, grazes, strains, minor skin infections, gout attacks, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, vaginal thrush, migraines, mild eczema, fungal infections (such as athlete's foot and ringworm), diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation, scabies, mouth ulcers, cold sores, indigestion/heartburn, hay fever and head lice.

"Some pharmacists are even authorised to sell the emergency contraceptive pill under certain circumstances."

Rebecca added that people should ensure they had a good supply of their medicines over the Christmas and New Year period; getting new prescriptions from their doctor, and picking up their repeats. Those who are going away should also make sure they have a list of their medicines with them, including doses.

If you are away and forget your medicine, or you run out and can't get an immediate appointment with your prescriber, again, a local pharmacy could help. Consult your pharmacist. In some circumstances, they can provide an emergency three-day supply of medicines if you need them.

Unichem John's Photo Pharmacy, on the corner of Cameron Road and 2nd Ave Tauranga, is open 8am-8pm every single day of the year except Christmas Day, when the hours are 9am-12pm.

People are advised to phone their local community pharmacy for opening hours over the holiday season.

  • Visit your community pharmacy for expert healthcare and advice

  • Stock up on your medicines for the holiday period

  • If you run out of your medications, try your local pharmacy

Rebecca Greaves
A wide range of medical advice and products are available from your local pharmacy says Unichem John's Photo Pharmacy co-owner Rebecca Greaves.

James Fuller
Communications Advisor - Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Last updated: December 27, 2018