Whakatāne Regional Māori Health


Regional Māori Health Services at Whakatāne Hospital include:

Whānau accommodation

Te Takapau o Hineahuone Community House is Accessed via Te Pou Kōkiri staff. This is a four bedroom house, which is furnished and equipped for temporary accommodation.

Community Services

  • Children and Adolescent Community Mental Health
  • Adult Community Mental Health
  • Community Children/Youth services

Inpatient Ward Services

  • Te Toki Maurere Mental Health inpatient unit
  • Medical and Surgical services
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency department
  • Outpatients Department

Te Pou Kōkiri

Te Pou Kōkiri provide a liaison service and are able to articulate the needs of patients and whānau through the use of Te Reo (language) and Tikanga (customary practices and beliefs).

Te Pou Kōkiri staff will assist and support the patient and whānau (families) through the organisations clinical processes by being present when a patient is seen by nursing or medical staff.

Te Pou Kōkiri are based in the wards and the community.

Te Pou Kōkiri cover Inpatient Ward Services and Community Services.

Last updated: August 29, 2018