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Māori Health Gain and Development

Leading the Tumu Whakarae Submission to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction

Tricia Keelan, our BOPDHB GM Māori Health Gain and Development led the development of the attached Submission on behalf of Te Tumu Whakarae, the National DHB GM Māori Strategic Reference Group. Tricia and Riki Nia Nia (Te Tumu Chair and GM Māori, Waitemata and Auckland DHBs) presented to the Inquiry Panel on the 8th of August 2018. Their presentation was well received and considered very powerful in terms of advocating for change to support the realisation of Pae Ora, our national vision for Māori Health in He Korowai Oranga. Much feedback has been received to date regarding the submission document, with many positively impressed with the strategic power principles and actions for change. This submission is presented here in preparation for the whole of systems level change that we ourselves must give effect to with Te Moana a Toi.

Please read the Submission document to gain a sense of the direction that Māori Health Gains and Development will be championing as part of our soon to be engaged upon renewed Maori health strategy - Toiahorangi.


The Inquiry

The Governments' Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction has set out to discover ways to prevent mental health and addiction problems, how to intervene early and respond better to people in need, and how to promote wellbeing. The aim of the inquiry therefore is to identify unmet needs and develop recommendations for a better mental health and addiction system for Aotearoa New Zealand. A total of 5500 submissions were lodged and over 2000 people attended 26 regional meetings and other engagements during the consultation period alongside Inquiry Panel members.

Within the Bay of Plenty region, two meetings were held in Tauranga and Whakatane during the 11th-12th June 2018. During these sessions several presentations were put forward from individuals and whānau affected by mental illness and addictions, as well as provider and practitioner perspectives.

The inquiry process will set the direction for the next five to ten years that will inform the work of Government, the mental health and addiction sectors and the whole community to ensure that the MHA system is improved. At present the Inquiry Panel are in deliberations in preparation for delivery of a report to Government in late October 2018.


Tumu Whakarae

Tumu Whakarae is the National Reference Group of Māori Health Strategy Managers within District Health Boards (DHB). Tumu Whakarae members are involved and represented in many different pathways toward rebuilding and re-imaging healthy futures for our people in alignment with He Korowai Oranga. In order to strengthen the strategic implementation of Pae Ora for tangata whenua into the future, Tumu Whakarae is guided by the following six priorities, that also underpin this submission:

  1. Provide and encourage transparent and effective leadership
  2. Lead a Māori equity culture in  our system
  3. Provide and expect evidence-based approaches
  4. Utilise partnering and collective impact approaches
  5. Value Māori leadership, intelligence and innovation
  6. Advocate for proportionate universalism


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Last updated: March 26, 2019