Leading Through Change

This is a one day training course for all people working in organisations that are contracted by BOPDHB to provide health services who are considering moving into a leadership Role in the next six to 18 months

Venue: Education Centre, Gate 9 of Tauranga Hospital, 889 Cameron Road, Tauranga

Facilitator: Linda Hutchings

Cost:   There is a charge of $250 per person for this course


Change leadership is a relatively new discipline and one we all need to learn if we want to either initiate our own innovations or survive the change initiatives of others! This one-day workshop examines the core strategies you need to know to lead the human side of change.

You will learn about:

  • Your responsibilities as a change leader
  • The key differences between project management and change management
  • How to focus on the three core elements of change - purpose, process and PEOPLE
  • How to lead staff through the three transition phases of change
  • The 'why, what, how' model for communicating the change
  • How to manage the wide variety of emotional reactions to change
  • How to build change resilience in yourself and your team

Course Dates 2020

Course Time

Wednesday 1 April Cancelled
Tuesday 29 September 0845-1630

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Last updated: March 26, 2020