Male Catheterisation

This is a one hour face to face workshop for Registered Nurses who work in Primary Care.  There is also an online component that you need to complete before registering and attending the workshop.  

Venue: will be confirmed in your confirmation email (check dates below TGA = Tauranga and WHK = Whakatane)

Pre-requisite:   Before you can register on this course you must complete the Male Catheterisation online course.

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Facilitator: Internal DHB expert


  • Intermittent self-catheterisation
  • Supra pubic catheter change


Please note: Bowel Care courses sometimes run on the same day as these sessions

Course Dates 2021

Course Time (one hour session)

WHK Monday 22 February (closing 15 Feb) 0900-1000, 1030-1130, 1200-1300
TGA Tuesday 9 March (closing 2 March) 0900-1000, 1015-1115, 1130-1230
TGA Tuesday 11 May (closing 4 May) 0900-1000, 1030-1130, 1230-1330, 1400-1500
WHK Thursday 13 May (closing 6 May) 0900-1000, 1030-1130, 1200-1300

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Last updated: December 9, 2020