Family Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect (2 Consecutive Days)

(you must be able to attend both days) 

This free, two day training is recommended for all health professionals who work in the community, in hospitals, health agencies and GP surgeries and have contact with patients and/or clients

Venue: will be confirmed in your confirmation email (check dates below TGA = Tauranga and WHK = Whakatane)

Pre-requisite:   Before you can register on this course you must complete the Violence Intervention Programme online course.

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Facilitators: Deb Fielding and Raewyn Butler

  • Day 1 looks at the dynamics of intimate partner violence and routine enquiry training.
  • Day 2 focuses on child abuse and neglect, identification management and reporting.

Course Dates 2021

Course Time

TGA Tuesday and Wednesday 9 and 10 February (closing 2 Feb)

0845-1600 (day one) and  0900-1600 (day two)

TGA Tuesday and Wednesday 20 and 21 April (closing 14 April)

0845-1600 (day one) and  0900-1600 (day two)

WHK Monday and Tuesday 10 and 11 May (closing 3 May)

0845-1600 (day one) and  0900-1600 (day two)

TGA Tuesday and Wednesday 15 and 16 June (closing 8 June)

0845-1600 (day one) and  0900-1600 (day two)

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Last updated: December 15, 2020