Developing Aspiring Leaders

This is a one day training course for all people working in organisations that are contracted by BOPDHB to provide health services who are considering moving into a leadership Role in the next six to 18 months

Venue: will be confirmed in your confirmation email (check dates below TGA = Tauranga and WHK = Whakatane)

Facilitator: Linda Hutchings

Cost:   There is a charge of $250 per person for this course


Many people apply for or accept their first leadership role without pausing to really think about what it means to make the transition from being one of the team to being the leader of a team. So, that is the primary purpose of this workshop - to make you think long and hard before you make the leap!

In this highly interactive day, you will work through the sixteen critical questions you need to be able to answer before pursuing your next career step!

Course Dates 2021

Course Time

TGA Wednesday 17 February 0830-1600
TGA Thursday 16 September 0830-1600

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Last updated: December 15, 2020