Combined Emergency Skills for Midwives

This is a full day training course for DHB Midwives and LMC's

Venue: will be confirmed in your confirmation email (check dates below TGA = Tauranga and WHK = Whakatane)

Pre-Requisite: Before you can register on this course you must complete the Combined Emergency Skills Refresher on-line course.

Click on the green tab below to go to our on-line login page and search for this course:

Combined Emergency Skills Refresher

Once you have passed the pre-requisite, register onto the course (google form below).

Facilitator:  Judith Madsen

Cost:  $125 to be paid into DHB Bank Account:  

02 0100 016708600

Reference:  CESD, Date of Attendance and Your Surname


  • Adult/Maternal Resuscitation
  • Neo-natal Resus
  • Childbirth Emergency Skills

Course Dates 2021

Course Time

TGA Wednesday 10 February (closing 3 Feb) 0830-1630
TGA Tuesday 16 February (closing 9 Feb) 0830-1630
WHK Wednesday 3 March (closing 24 Feb) 0900-1630
TGA Wednesday 17 March (closing 10 March) 0830-1630
TGA Wednesday 7 April (closing 31 March) 0830-1630
TGA Wednesday 26 May (closing 19 May) 0830-1630
TGA Wednesday 9 June (closing 2 June) 0830-1630
TGA Wednesday 30 June (closing 23 June) 0830-1630

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Last updated: January 22, 2021