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The Bay of Plenty District Health Board's Priorities

The priorities of the BOPDHB are set out in the Annual Plan and reported on in the Annual Report. Copies of these documents can be found in the publications section on this website.

We  achieve our goals by working in partnership with the other DHBs in the Midland region, (Tairawhiti, Lakes, Waikato and Taranaki DHBs) Primary Health Organisations (PHOs), providers and other key stakeholders.

Health Targets

  • Shorter stays in emergency departments.
  • Improved access to elective surgery.
  • Shorter waits for cancer treatment*/radiotherapy.
  • Increased immunisation.*
  • Better help for smokers to quit.*
  • More heart and diabetes checks.*

Minister's Expectations

  • Lift productivity and keep to budget.
  • Focus more strongly on service integration, particularly with primary care.
  • Shorter waiting times in a number of key areas including surgery, diagnostics and cancer care, child and youth drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Integrate services for older people.
  • Progress in implementing Regional Service Plans.

Maori Health Plan (MHP)

The MHP identifies the leading causes of mortality and morbidity for Māori in our district.  The MHP seeks to address the causes of health inequality by working with our health sector stakeholders to address 18 key indicators, some of which are marked with an asterisk (*).

Board Priorities

  • Meeting the Health Targets.*
  • Primary Care.
  • Māori Health/Reducing Health Disparities.*
  • Health of Older People.
  • Chronic Conditions.
  • With additional focus on child and youth, mental health and obesity.
Last updated: September 21, 2015