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Open Day and FAQ's


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Project Waka continues to make good progress with the construction of your new hospital in Whakatane. You can see the latest building developments in our second edition of the hospital walkthrough video, just click on the image below to take the virtual tour.


Inside the current hospital, there is also work going on to get the staff ready for the new models of care that will be in place in the new building, changing the way that clinical staff work together for the benefit of patients. Some of these first changes have been made within the Surgical Admitting Unit and the Day Stay Unit where we are:

  • Operating with 8 beds and 8 Lazy-Boy chairs, which will be the same layout in the new Perioperative department.
  • Transferring Local Anaesthetic patients and Surgical Admission Unit patients to theatre in newly purchased state of the art wheel chairs that will be in use in the new hospital, as well as transferring patients on beds.
  • Working on a new schedule roster that will accommodate the elective planning for three theatres as in our new perioperative environment.
  • We have turned Intensive Care's lounge, which the surgical admission unit now shares with the Acute Care Unit, into a waiting room for all of our surgical patients and their visitors to wait until they are taken into the unit, and admitted by the nursing staff into either a chair space or a bed space.
  • We currently continue to accommodate booked/arranged infusions, radiology procedures, bronchoscopy around our current surgical service provision.

Thanks must go to our Perioperative Unit staff who have worked hard to get these changes implemented and embedded into our new way of doing things, as we prepare for the shift to the new hospital. Thank you also to the rest of the staff on the Whakatane campus for their continued patience and tolerance with ongoing site changes and construction.


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Last updated: April 19, 2013