Support services for older people and people with disabilities

Support services for older people and those with disabilities in the Bay of Plenty District Health Board are accessed through Support Net.

Support Net is a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (NASC) for people with disabilities or difficulties carrying out daily activities due to age to access support that will enable them to live as independently as possible in their home or community.

NASC is the first step for a person to get Government-funded support services. Services may include help with personal support, meals, household management, carer support, day programmes, and the support provided by rest homes and private hospitals.

What does NASC do?

A Needs Assessor will meet with the person, and support people if required, to complete the needs assessment, establish what support is required and the options available.

Eligibility for support

NASC agencies must make sure that a person is eligible to receive Government-funded support services according to the Ministry of Health's definition of disability. NASC agencies ensure that people with the most urgent needs receive support first within the available budget. If a person's needs change, NASC will re-assess and re-coordinate services.

Access to the service

Anyone can be referred to Support Net for this free service.  Self-referrals, family referrals and doctor's referrals are most common.